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    Educational party descriptions

    Cannabis 101

    Cannabis 101 offers a basic understanding of the many aspects of cannabis. We touch on the history and culture of cannabis and the difference between hemp and cannabis. We explain the Endocannabinoid System and introduce you to cannabis as medicine. We also discuss the different types of cannabis (sativa, indica, hybrid) and get into the science involving the chemical compounds known as cannabinoids and terpenoids. We then introduce you to the many methods of consumption and the pros and cons of each. In addition to this hour presentation, select guests will experience a show and smell demonstration, compete in a joint rolling contest and have an opportunity to try some of the newest ancillary products on the market! This workshop is perfect for the canna curious individual or anyone who is getting reintroduced to cannabis.

    The Cannabis Spa Experience

    Treat yourself and your friends to a night of pot-themed pampering!
    Relax and enjoy, as we introduce you to cannabis-based beauty and wellness products and even teach you how to make them yourself! We will discuss how to best use topicals, creams, salves and more. And what spa experience wouldn’t be complete without a hand massage? Join in on the conversation of cannabis and beauty while we introduce you to some of the hottest ancillary products on the market. This workshop is perfect for anyone interested in learning more about how incorporating cannabis in your beauty regimen can help you feel better, look better and connect you with the goddess within.

    Cooking With Cannabis

    Join in the conversation as we discuss the many health benefits of incorporating cannabis into your daily diet. Let us turn you on to the rave of raw cannabis and how easy it can be to medicate your meals. We will discuss proper dosing and even enjoy a delicious cannabis-infused appetizer while we show you the many forms of cooking with cannabis. Complete with an infused butter or oil making demonstration, this workshop is perfect for the Canna Curious Cook or anyone interested in learning more about infusing cannabis into their food.

    Cannabis and Aging

    A perfect afternoon geared towards supporting our aging loved ones with cannabis. People 55 and over part of the leading demographic of new cannabis users. Cannabis is becoming more popular at helping to relieve many symptoms of aging. Come learn how cannabis supports memory retention, joint health, better sleep and how it can play an important role in pain relief. Learn techniques on how to open the conversation about cannabis with your parent, doctor or caregiver. Join in as we discuss different methods of medicating such as teas, tinctures, transdermal patches and of course delicious edibles. This workshop wouldn’t be complete without a demonstration on how to make a cannabis-infused tea. This workshop is essential for anyone working with an aging family member or friend.

    The CannaSutra

    Join us as we introduce you to the sensual side of cannabis. This party is designed to explore the realms of heightened intimacy. Escape the pressures of daily life and try something new with the one you love. Along with an introduction to the many wellness products developed to enhance your sexual and sensual health, we offer a few techniques that can enhance any relationship. Cannabis has been utilized for centuries as a way to overcome obstacles to intimacy and we are just uncovering some of the many the benefits cannabis can bring to the bedroom. This workshop is essential for anyone looking to benefit from heightened intimacy and can be customized as a mini couples retreat or bachelorette party.

    Mary Jane UniversiDAB

    Explore the realm of cannabis concentrates. We understand that many people suffer from chronic pain and need concentrated amounts of medicine to properly function in their daily routines. This workshop will help you recognize the many forms of concentrates and the best dosing practices for overall health and wellness. Perfect for those new to concentrates, we introduce you to the latest in tools and accessories and teach you how to properly care for your rigs and pieces. This introductory workshop is best suited for the advanced cannabis patient or for those curious about the concentrate craze.