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Mary Jane University’s Signature Line of In Home Parties offers a unique experience for anyone interested in learning about cannabis through product reviews, demos and sampling.

Cannabis offers a multitude of benefits, and with more and more people becoming aware of this potent medicine, a curiosity quietly grows. MJU reaches into the heart and mind of the Canna Curious individual and bridges the gap between medicine and education. We offer a fun and interactive learning environment, in the comfort of a patient’s own home. In essence, we bring the dispensary experience to the patient!

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More About MJU Signature In Home Parties...

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Cannabis 101

A brief introduction to the history and culture of marijuana. Learn about the different types of cannabis and your rights as a patient. This party has a show & smell demonstration and an introduction to different methods of medicating like joints, bongs, vaporizers, and edibles plus the proper care and storage of your medicine.


The Cannabis Spa Experience

Treat yourself and your friends to a night of pot themed pampering! Relax and enjoy as we discuss the benefits of cannabis infused health and beauty products, as well as how to best use topicals, creams & salves for certain ailments. You can look forward to some mini massages, aromatherapy and more.


Mary Jane's Kitchen

Enjoy a delicious demonstration of Cooking with Cannabis. We’ll prepare a cannabis infused appetizer together while we discuss the many benefits of incorporating cannabis into your daily diet. Don't forget your notebooks, you wont want to miss these tips for cooking with cannabis.

Mary Jane's UniversiDAB

For those who use concentrated amounts of cannabis for chronic pain and health conditions, we introduce you to the latest innovations in cannabis concentrates. We will discuss types of concentrates such as wax, shatter, CO2 oil, complete with an introduction to the tools of the trade.


Mary Jane's Medicated Meditation

Get in touch with your “Higher Self”. Join us as we explore the concept of Sacred Medicine and medicating with intention. We invite you to experience "Heightened Awareness" and introduce you to the spirit of Mary Jane. Explore the energies of crystals and learn the benefits of aroma therapy in this workshop. This party can be customized to include a yoga instructor, psychic medium, tarot or angel card reader as well.

The Canna Sutra

Escape the pressures of daily life and explore the realms of "heightened intimacy" with your partner. Designed as a couple's mini retreat, let us introduce you to the cannabis products developed to enhance your sensual experience. There are many benefits to incorporating cannabis in the bedroom. This fun and sexy experience can easily be incorporated into a bridal or bachelorette party.

Cannabis and Kids

Let's open the conversation on the taboo topic of parenting and pot, a controversial topic for any mom or dad. Knowing your rights as a patient and properly securing your medication, will give you some piece of mind. We will also learn about doctors who have been curing kids with cannabis, and the many ways children all over the world are benefiting from cannabis as medicine.


The Canna Tea Party

A perfect afternoon geared towards supporting seniors with cannabis. Enjoy a relaxing tea party while you learn how to talk to your elderly parent or friend about cannabis. We will discuss different delivery options such as teas, tinctures, patches and of course delicious edibles. Seniors are the fastest growing populations of cannabis users, as it supports brain functions and offers much pain relief.

Create Your Own Cannabis Party

Create your own cannabis infused in home party like a Dinner Party, Poker Night, Girls Night Out, Birthday Celebrations, Bachelor/ette Parties, Yoga Retreat, Dab Lounge, Fundraisers/Festivals, and more...

The MJU Cannabis Party Plan: We Aim to Bridge the Gap Between Medication & Education

First, a MJU In Home Educator books a qualifying medical marijuana patient to host a party and then the host invites their friends and family over for a fun evening of socializing and learning about cannabis.

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At the party, the MJU Educator offers basic education on the “class subject” while displaying and demonstrating various products from our catalog of approved products and vendors. Icebreakers like a “joint rolling” contest keep the party uplifting and entertaining. And don't forget product sampling.

MJU "Must Knows"

  • You must be a current medical marijuana patient to host a party although your guests do not need to have one to attend.
  • You and your guests must become a member of our sponsoring Dispensary or Delivery Service to be considered for any sampling opportunities.
  • Should any guests like an evaluation to become a medical marijuana patient, they can get one before the party online or from their smart phone by visiting
  • Our certified consultants do not sell or distribute marijuana. Our sponsoring dispensaries service the medicinal needs of the patient.
  • All MJU In Home Educators have endured a rigorous education process but are not doctors and will not dispense medical advice.

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As a host you’ll receive a FREE GIFT just for hosting a qualified* show!


10% of the total show sales in Product.
For example you receive $50 in free product for every $500 in party sales.

1 item at ½ price for each person who books a party that night.
The more people that book a party, the more ½ price items you earn.
(Limit 4.)

Exclusive access to Our Monthly Host Specials.
After the party, the Host will get access to Host Specials, featured products and discounts on MJU Events.

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