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With many products now available to compliment the cannabis market, Mary Jane University is able to educate those who attend our events through product reviews, demonstrations and sampling opportunities. This means that vendors interested in placing their product or service in front of the canna curious community can do so by partnering with us!

Cannabis offers a multitude of benefits, and with more and more people becoming aware of this potent medicine, a curiosity quietly grows.

Mary Jane University bridges the gap between medication and education; and we do this in a fun & interactive learning environment in the comfort of a patient’s own home. In essence, we bring the dispensary experience to the patient. MJU’s Signature Line of In Home Parties offer unique experiences for anyone interested in learning how to incorporate cannabis into their daily wellness routines; and we are constantly partnering with new vendors who want to add their products to our sales kits and catalog.

Here are a few of our current vendors...


Get Your California Medical Marijuana Recommendation

Get your medical marijuana recommendation from the comfort of your own home. These doctors are on call and ready to evaluate your potential benefits from cannabis. Its fast, friendly and affordable.

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Medical Marijuana Delivery in Southern California

Choose from many beneficial cannabis infused products and have it delivered to right to your doorstep. Sava also offers delightful boxes filled with your favorites for extra convenience and savings.

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Odor Proof Marijuana Handbags

AnnaBís is on a mission to make women feel free and sophisticated when they carry their medicine, recreational supplies, or both. It’s legalized, we’re making it civilized.

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Faerie Jane - The Art of Adornment

Faerie Jane showcases the finest jewelry and accessories to celebrate our love of Cannabis.

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 Affordable Cannabinoid Therapy

Our proprietary blend of cannabinoids is especially formulated to be a powerful penetrating anti-inflammatory and pain reducer, and we have infused this blend into a variety of delivery methods to suit each patient's unique needs.

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cannabis consultant

Edibles, Tinctures, Topicals

Gemstonz is an all natural craft botanical specializing in THC & CBD infused pain relieving balms, skin care and pet products.

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